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Card game "21"



Superprize of the month

iPhone X

To play the game you need to

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Date Time Game ID Bet Dealer's cards Your cards Result

Game "21"

Try to guess when the total value of cards gets to 21!

How to play

  1. Place a bet. The initial stake is determined before the start of a game.
  2. The maximum stake is 15010065.02 UGX, the minimum stake is 400.00 UGX.
  3. At the start of a game, the player (you) and the dealer receive two cards each. You then take one card at a time by clicking "Hit" until the total value of the hand is close to 21 (you can take up to 3 additional cards). When you think it's time to stop, click "Stand".
  4. If you score 21 points with the first two cards (and the dealer doesn't), you win. In this case the dealer cannot take additional cards.
  5. If the dealer scores 21 points with their first two cards (and you do not), the dealer wins. When this occurs, you cannot take additional cards.
  6. If you score 21 points (or less than 21 but more than the dealer), your bet will be paid out at odds of x2.
  7. If the dealer scores less than 17 points, they must take additional cards. If the dealer scores 17 or more points, they must stand.
  8. If there is a draw ("push"), you get a refund.
  9. If the fifth card you take contains an image of a phone – congratulations! You have won an iPhone X (and your stake will be refunded)!

If you score more than 21 points, you go bust and lose.

An exception to this rule is when you hold two Aces ("Golden Point"), which scores you 21.

Cards ranking: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A

Cards' value according to their rank: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 2, 3, 4, 11

Simultaneous play on two or more tables is prohibited.

If you experience any problems, please contact us within 3 days of finishing the game.

Relax and take a break with the card game "21"!

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You have won an iPhone 7!

Our team will contact you to inform you how to get your prize. Yay!