• (UTC−12:00) - Baker (Island), Howland Island (Island)
  • (UTC-11:00) - Samoa
  • (UTC-10:00) - Hawaii
  • (UTC-8:00) - Alaska
  • (UTC-7:00) - Pacific Time (US, Canada)
  • (UTC-6:00) - Mountain Standard Time (USA and Canada), Mexico (Chihuahua, Mazatlán)
  • (UTC-5:00) - Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico (Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey), Pacific Time (US, Canada), GMT -5 (Bogota, Lima, Quito)
  • (UTC-4:00) - Venezuela
  • (UTC-3:00) - Atlantic time (Canada), La Paz, Santiago, South American Eastern time (Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Georgetown), Greenland
  • (UTC-3:30) - Newfoundland
  • (UTC-2:00) - Mid-Atlantic Time
  • (UTC-1:00) - Cape Verde
  • (UTC 0:00) - Azores, Casablanca, Monrovia
  • (UTC+1:00) - Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London, Prague
  • (UTC+2:00) - Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Warsaw, Kaliningrad, Egypt, South Africa
  • (UTC+3:00) - Moscow time, Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, Sudan, Madagascar, Iraq, Yemen, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar
  • (UTC+3:30) - Tehran
  • (UTC+4:00) - Samara, Izhevsk, Abkhazia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, UAE, Oman
  • (UTC+4:30) - Afghanistan
  • (UTC+5:00) - Yekaterinburg Time, Western Asian Time (Islamabad, Karachi, Uzbekistan)
  • (UTC+5:30) - India, Sri Lanka
  • (UTC+5:45) - Nepal
  • (UTC+6:00) - Omsk Time, Central Asian Time (Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan)
  • (UTC+6:30) - Myanmar
  • (UTC+7:00) - Krasnoyarsk Time, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, South-East Asia (Bangkok, Jakarta, Hanoi)
  • (UTC+8:00) - Irkutsk Time, Ulaanbaatar, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Perth
  • (UTC+8:30) - North Korea
  • (UTC+8:45) - Caiguna, Eucla, Madura Island, Mundrabilla, Border Village
  • (UTC+9:00) - Yakutsk Time, Korea, Japan
  • (UTC+9:30) - Australian Central Standard Time (Adelaide, Darwin Island)
  • (UTC+10:00) - Vladivostok Time, Magadan Time, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania, Guam, Port Moresby
  • (UTC+10:30) - North Australia
  • (UTC+11:00) - Sakhalin Region (North Kuril district), Central Pacific Time (Solomon Islands, New Caledonia), Norfolk Island
  • (UTC+12:00) - Kamchatka region, Chukotka Autonomous District, Marshall Islands, Fiji, New Zealand
  • (UTC+12:45) - Chatham Islands (winter time)
  • (UTC+13:00) - Samoa, Tonga
  • (UTC+13:45) - Chatham Islands (summer time)
  • (UTC+14:00) - Line Islands
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eSports bonus calendar

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eSports American Football

10% Cashback

Bets are accepted on matches of traditional American football – with two teams of 11 players each.

If a match ends in a draw after regular time, overtime takes place. All bets will be settled including OT.

Bets are accepted before the start of a game, as well as LIVE. All games are streamed online.

Available markets:

  • Regular Time Win
  • Double Сhance
  • Team Handicap
  • Total (Over; Under)
  • Total (Even, Odd)
  • Total Touchdowns (Over; Under)
  • Total Scored Field Goals (Over; Under)
  • Team Total (Over; Under)
  • First To Happen (Touchdown; Safety; Field Goal)
  • Will There Be Overtime (Yes; No)

Duration: ~30 minutes.

eSports Ice Hockey

20% Cashback

Place bets on the Stanley Cup! Bets are accepted before the start of the game and LIVE. All the games are streamed online.

Available markets (regular time):

  • Regular Time Win
  • Double Сhance
  • Handicap
  • Total (Over; Under)
  • Win including OT and shootouts
  • Will there be overtime Yes/No

Match Duration: ~20 minutes.


10% Cashback

Watch eSports-FIFA matches and place bets! Available tournaments: Russian Premier League, Europa League, Champions League, World Cup! Bets are accepted for pre-match as well as LIVE betting.

Available markets (regular time):

  • Regular Time Win
  • Double Сhance
  • Handicap
  • Total (Over; Under)
  • Team Total (Over; Under)
  • Total (Even, Odd)
  • Correct Score
  • Next Goal.

Match Duration: ~20 minutes.

Mortal Kombat

10% Cashback

Bets are accepted on fights between two opponents. The game continues until 5 victories have been achieved, thus there is a maximum of 9 rounds.

Terms of winning:

The winner is the fighter who kills their opponent.

Available markets:

  • On a round:
    • Win in round
    • Duration of round* (Over/Under)
    • Flawless Victory – Yes/No (the winner receives no damage from their opponent)
    • Types of finishing moves: Brutality, Fatality or No Fatality (Faction Kills are considered Fatalities).
    • *The duration of a round is the number of seconds since the start, which is obtained by subtracting the lowest number on the timer from 90 seconds (standard number on the timer at the start). Example: if the countdown stops on 74, the duration of the round is 90 - 74 = 16 seconds.
  • On a tournament:
    • Win in tournament
    • Total (Over/Under)
    • Fighter's total (Over/Under)
    • Total of finishing moves by type (Over/Under).

Bets are accepted only in LIVE mode. All the matches are streamed online.

Counter Strike

30% Cashback

Place bets on the match result! The game continues up to 11 wins (maximum 21 rounds).

Terms of winning:

If in a Bomb Defuse map a bomb was not planted – Counter-Terrorists win the round.

If in a Hostage Rescue map a hostage was not rescued within the time-limit – Terrorists win the round.

"Bomb Planted Yes/No" bet – it doesn't matter at which point the bomb was planted (before or after all Counter-Terrorists are killed). It's the fact of planting the bomb that counts.

W1 and W2 bets (in case of "Bomb Planted") are settled as follows:

  • "Bomb Defused", W1 – win, W2 – loss
  • "Bomb Exploded", W1 – loss, W2 – win.

Available markets:

  • Regular Time Win
  • Handicap
  • Total and Team Total (Over; Under)
  • Bomb Planted
  • Round Win
  • Round Total
  • Round Handicap
  • Total Headshots** In Round
  • Individual Total Frags In Round
  • Total Frags* In Round (Even/Odd)
  • Method Of Win In Round
  • Round Duration
  • Bomb Defused
  • First Frag* In Round
  • Suicide*** In Round
  • Win To Nil In Round

*Frag – a point for killing an enemy (any death on the enemy team, death by a bomb explosion included).

**Headshot – a shot in the head.

***Suicide – death by falling from a height, death from a bomb.

Bets are accepted in LIVE mode only. All the matches are streamed online.

Round duration: ~2 minutes.

eSports Basketball

10% Cashback

Test your intuition and earn big money by placing bets on eSports basketball! Bets are accepted both before the event and LIVE.

Available markets (regular time):

  • Regular Time Win
  • Handicap
  • Total (Over; Under)
  • Team Totals (Over, Under).

All the games are streamed online.

Duration: ~30 minutes.

eSports UFC

20% Cashback

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) – Mixed Martial Arts.

Terms of winning:

  • Submission – victory by submission.
  • Takedown – any successful throw.
  • Knockout KO – the opponent loses consciousness as a result of a strike permitted by the rules.
  • Knockdown – as a result of a strike, the opponent touches the ring floor by a third support point (i.e. a knee, a hand)
  • Technical knockout TKO – the fight is stopped by a third party due to one of the fighters not being able to continue. There are three types of technical knockout:
    • Referee stoppage. The referee decides that one of the fighters is unable to defend himself consciously and stops the fight.
    • Doctor stoppage. The ringside physician decides that further participation by one of the fighters would endanger his life or wellbeing.
    • Corner stoppage. A fighter's corner second signals stoppage of the fight.

Types of markets:

  • Regular Time Win
  • Type of win: Points Victory (PTS), KO, TKO, Submission
  • Type of fighter win: Points Victory, KO, TKO, Submission
  • Fight duration (Bout Will End In Round ())
  • Totals (Total Knockdowns O/U (); Total Takedowns O/U ())